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Pet Beds & Chair Guards


Ancol Chair Guard L
Ancol Chair Throw
Comfort Blanket Pink
Made From Bed Pink 50cm

Danish Design

Anti-Bacterial Duluxe Duvet Bed Medium Green
Anti-Bacterial Duluxe Duvet Bed Medium Grey
Slumber Bed Woodland Hare 89cm
Slumber Bed Woodland Owl 61cm
Slumber Bed Stagg 40"
FatFace Marching Dogs Deluxe Slumber 18"
Retreat Eco-Wellness Geo Tile Duvet Medium
Slumber Bed Bobble Pewter 89cm
Penguin Check Deep Duvet L
Penguin Checking Deep Duvet M
Fleece Blackwatch Blanket Paw Large 125x148cm
Fleece Blackwatch Blanket Paw Medium 75x127cm
Fleece Blackwatch Blanket Paw Small 62x75cm
Fleece Wine Blanket Paw Medium
Bobble Damson Deluxe Slumber Bed 30"
Lumberjack White/Navy Deluxe Slumber Bed 35"-89cm


Joules Floral Mattress - Navy - Large

K & H

K&H Bed Warmer Medium 5.5x20in 6w
K&H Bed Warmer Small 8.5x9in 4w


Scruffs Grey Cosy Mattres


Other Pet Beds & Blankets

Collared Creatures Cave Bed Large

Joint Ease Memory Crumb

Waterproof Dog Bed Green Apple

Waterproof Dog Bed Green Apple L

Trixie Patchwork Cat Blanket

Whippet Dog
Pet Beds: Our Products
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